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Work and look like a new one

Received my order within 5 days. The replacement came in with simple instructions and look like a brand new one, paired and worked perfectly. Will definitely come back again.

Just Like New

Alright, so I snagged a replacement for the left AirPod 1. Gotta say, it’s practically like having a brand-new one. I was a bit skeptical at first, but using it feels just like the original – no difference in performance or fit. Seamless connection, sound's on point, and it's like I never missed a beat. Solid buy if you're looking to get your old pair back in action without dropping cash on a whole new set!

Just had to update firmware

Just had to update the firmware on the replacement AirPod to match my existing good AirPod’s firmware and Bobs Your Uncle everything will then pair together and work like the original set.

Everyday Commuter's Experience

My daily subway rides can be rough on tech. This case has survived being squished in crowded trains and some accidental drops. Charges consistently, just wish it was a tad slimmer.

Worth the money!!

When mine arrived it was dead, so I had to let it charge for at least an hour or so. After it's done charging you have go to settings and go to your Bluetooth settings and click forget on your current AirPods. and then open the AirPod case and reconnect them with the new AirPod. But other than that it’s a great product!!!

Hey Ginny,

Gotcha! The last time I tried to pair my 2nd gen replacement with the original one, it was like navigating a maze! But then, my friend swooped in and sorted it all out in 3 seconds flat. Haha!

For all my buddies who might be on the same boat as us, here's a quick link to learn from. No more unnecessary hassle! →

Call me Flash ⚡ from TheInstantPods ; )

Elderly Approved

I bought this for my 70-year-old mom after she washed her original case with her jeans (oops). She's had a bit of trouble paring it, but says it charges well. Good for its primary purpose.

Great for My Teen's Mishaps

Bought this for my daughter after she misplaced her case... for the second time. She's been quite happy with it, and I'm just relieved it didn't break the bank!

No More Charging Woes

After my old case started having charging issues, I opted for ThnInstantPods. It's been consistently good, and my AirPods Pro always seem ready to go.

Peace of Mind in a Compact Case

After a heart-dropping moment of realizing I left my original case on a train, ThnInstantPods came to the rescue. It charges swiftly and feels solid in hand. Grateful for the find.

Impressed and Satisfied!

Since my old 2nd gen AirPods drained out its battery quickly, I found myself constantly needing to recharge them. A friend recommended getting a pair of refurbished AirPods, so I did some research and came across the InstantPods. I ordered a pair of their 3rd gen refurbished AirPods, and I'm amazed at how well they work. Not only did I save $50 compared to buying brand new ones, but the refurbished AirPods I received are like new and function perfectly. I recently even ran a half-marathon with them, and they stayed in place and provided excellent sound quality. I have complete confidence in the quality and reliability of InstantPods. If you're looking to upgrade your audio experience, don't hesitate to get your AirPods from them!

Perfect Replacement!

The InstantPods' AirPods charging case replacement saved me from buying a new pair. It works flawlessly, and I'm back to enjoying my AirPods. Great product and fast shipping!

Impressive Sound Quality!

The InstantPods' AirPods Pro replacement exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is fantastic, providing clear and immersive audio. I love how easy they are to pair with my right one. Highly recommended!

Reliable and Fast Replacement for My Lost AirPod!

Losing one side of my AirPods during a biking trip was a real bummer. I can't imagine going a single day without my music! Thankfully, my friends suggested getting a replacement, and after doing some research online, I came upon InstantPods. Let me tell you, it's been a fantastic experience!

Firstly, I must say that the positive feedback I found about InstantPods from other users gave me confidence in their reliability as a seller. So, I decided to give them a shot. To my surprise, the replacement arrived in record time. I couldn't believe how fast it was! And you know what? It actually looked in better condition than my original AirPod!

I have been using the InstantPods replacement for a while now, and I am highly satisfied. The sound quality is top-notch, and I couldn't be happier with how well it performs. It's as good as having a brand new AirPod!

If you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, I highly recommend InstantPods. Their prompt delivery and excellent product quality make them a reliable choice. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

An Affordable and Reliable Solution for my Left AirPod Pro!

I have to admit, my Left AirPod Pro has been a real headache for me. It constantly loses its power every 15 minutes, and to make matters worse, my Apple care expired a while ago. I had been enduring the audio imbalance for months until I stumbled upon InstantPods. Let me tell you, it's been a game-changer!

First off, the price of the replacement was really budget-friendly, so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the replacement arrived in just two days. Talk about speedy delivery! When it came to pairing the replacement, it was a breeze. I double-checked the serial number, and guess what? It was a genuine Apple product!

Now, I've been using the InstantPods replacement for a month, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it look brand new, but it also functions flawlessly, just like my right AirPod. The audio quality is on point, with no signs of imbalance whatsoever.

I can finally say goodbye to the frustration and annoyance caused by my malfunctioning Left AirPod Pro. InstantPods has provided me with an affordable and reliable solution that has made a significant difference in my daily listening experience. I can't thank them enough!

If you're in a similar situation and looking for a cost-effective replacement, I highly recommend InstantPods. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Their product works perfectly, just like the genuine Apple AirPods, and it's a true lifesaver. Thumbs up from a satisfied customer like me!

Refurbished AirPods Pro-1st Generation
Sasha L.
Perfect Swap

The whole swap process was very easy. The Gen 1 AirPods I received were in good condition. They are overall in a little bit worse condition than mine, with both having slight stains on the exterior that I couldn't remove. I really can't complain though because the battery is good as new and I'm preventing them from going into a landfill. Overall, a good purchase.

Refurbished AirPods 3rd Gen
Anthony T.
Great and Seem New

This is my second time Swapping and I'm hooked! The service is incredibly speedy and convenient. Plus I love doing what I can to keep Mother Earth happy!

Refurbished AirPods 2nd Generation
Elizabeth P.

Fast shipping and arrived and functioned just as I'd hoped it would. Very satisfied!

Refurbished AirPods Pro-1st Generation
Precious M.

What a great service! Less than half the cost of new ones and the old ones get recycled instead of thrown away. New pair sounds brand new!

Refurbished AirPods 1st Generation
Alexis A.
Best replacement!!

The process was super easy! The AirPods I received looked pristine and they work exactly as expected. Pairing to my phone was simple.

Refurbished AirPods Pro-2nd Generation
Pamella B.
Awesome, loved it

My 1st Gen AirPods were well used and the battery was completely useless, lasted maybe 10 minutes. I heard about the Instantpods. My old AirPods had been sitting in a drawer for over a year since I had pros. I bring them to work everyday and sometimes I forget them and then I am without them for the evening or the whole weekend if it’s Friday! I use them every night before bed. I figured I should just get a set to leave at work so I tried the Instantpods. It was so easy and I got the new restored pods in about 3 days(good shape to). The battery life is just like back in the day! Now I have home AirPods and work AirPods.

Refurbished AirPods 2nd Generation
Guadalupe M.
Perfect Replacement

They were so clean and work perfectly fine, thank you!❤️

Refurbished AirPods 1st Generation
Excellent Replacement

Fair price for an Apple brand charging case that was as good as news after I foolishly left my AirPods case on a plane. Can’t thank you enough for offering this service and saving me a ton of money.

Refurbished AirPods 1st Generation
Like new!

Almost a month later no problems whatsoever , received it in perfect condition definitely will be ordering again !

Refurbished AirPods 2nd Generation
Yuko A.

Love the option to give my well-used AirPods a new life. The option to replace a single lost bid also saved me from having to buy a brand new pair recently.

Refurbished AirPods 2nd Generation
Jordan H.
Very convenient

Super simple and convenient all at a good price! A very good alternative to risking breaking your AirPods trying to clean/fix them yourself 😄