At the InstantPods, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality AirPod replacement parts, accessories, and repair services. Our steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in the superior performance of our products. To instill confidence and ensure customer satisfaction, we provide 90-day warranty for all purchases made through our website | The InstantPods.

Warranty Scope

The InstantPods 90-day warranty encompasses protection against defects in materials and workmanship, commencing from the date of the original purchase. The warranty does not extend to typical wear and tear of consumable components such as enclosures, barring instances where failure is directly attributable to defects in materials or workmanship. Furthermore, the InstantPods 90-day warranty is inapplicable to damages incurred through misuse, accidents, unauthorized alterations, unauthorized repairs, or any other causes unrelated to manufacturing defects.

Initiating a Warranty Claim

If your product exhibits signs of eligibility for a warranty claim under The InstantPods 90-day warranty, kindly proceed to our Contact Us page to submit your warranty claim and provide the pertinent details. Our team will promptly guide you through the subsequent steps.

Warranty Claim Procedure

Upon receipt of your warranty claim, we will assess your product's eligibility for coverage under the InstantPods 90-day warranty. If deemed eligible, we will have you send your product to our inspection facility. Following a thorough examination and confirmation of your product's eligibility, we will dispatch a replacement unit, the warranty duration of which will be determined by your initial transaction. Kindly note that the InstantPods is not liable for any loss or damages sustained by the product during transit between you and us, or vice versa.

Liability Limitations

The liability limitations outlined in the InstantPods 90-day warranty document are not applicable under the following circumstances:

  1. Instances of death or personal injury resulting from any mandatory product liability law.
  2. Occurrences of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
  3. Deliberate misconduct or gross negligence.
  4. Breaches of significant contractual obligations.

In scenarios involving damages claims attributed to breaches of significant contractual obligations or gross negligence, liability will be confined to foreseeable damages characteristic of the pertinent sale contract.

At the InstantPods, we are immensely grateful for your trust and confidence in our products. We pledge to consistently uphold the highest standards of quality and performance. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the InstantPods 90-day warranty policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. We are readily available to assist you and ensure that your experience with The InstantPods is nothing short of extraordinary.

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