About Us

Our Mission

InstantPods is created to provide an easy and affordable solution for customer to get a pair of replacement AirPods. 

When AirPods are out of warranty, issues start to arise such as draining battery, disconnections, poor audio quality, and many more. The other solution is to bring them to an authorized service provider, however the price is always higher than purchasing a new pair of AirPods.

We offer replacement AirPods at a reasonable price and we are working on a trade-in program that will allow us to take in the faulty AirPods from our customers to keep our overall pricing more affordable. 

Every refurbished AirPod contributes to a greener planet. We take pride in this business, and we thank you for supporting a better future with us.

Company: The InstantPods
Address: 92 Corporate Park STE C388 Irvine CA 92606
Phone: 657-210-2816
Email: service@theinstantpods.com