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New Shells & Cleaned Inside

90-Day Warranty

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Instant Support

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Expertly Refurbished

Enhanced Sound, Renewed Experience

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Left/Right AirPod Instant Replace

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Time to Swap Old for New

InstantPods Easy & Fast Left/Right Side AirPod Replacement

Single Earbud Malfunctions

  • Sound Imbalance
  • Connection Issues
  • Battery Problems
  • Total Silence

Charging Case Challenges

  • Inconsistent Charging
  • Case Battery Drain
  • Physical Damage
  • Connection Trouble

Accidents & Incidents

  • Water Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Debris or Dust

Misplaced AirPod Pieces

  • Lost AirPod
  • Misplaced Charging Case
  • Missing Ear Tips
  • Lost Charging Case Cover

Your AirPod Trade-In Guide

Breathe New Life, Old for Gold: Don't let your old AirPod gather dust! Our trade-in program lets you transform your used AirPod into savings. Upgrade your sound experience without breaking the bank. Quality, affordability, and sustainability – all in one harmonious trade. Join us in making smart, eco-friendly choices for your audio needs.

Step 1

Order one AirPod replacement from us

Step 2

We will send out your replacement within 2 business days

Step 3

Send us your used AirPods with pre-paid shipping label

Step 4

We will inspect your AirPods to verify its condition and get your trade-in credit ready

Eligible AirPod Trade-In: Are You In?

If your old AirPod falls into one or more of the following categories, unfortunately,

it does not qualify for our trade-in program:


✘ Damaged or broken mesh
✘ Persistent stains or discoloration
✘ Cracked casing or significant dents
✘ Water damage or signs of corrosion
✘ Counterfeit AirPods
✘ Failure to power on


Remember, if your charging case isn't operational,

replacement AirPod won't work with it.

Please make sure to include a functioning charging case with your trade-in!