Frequently Asked Questions


How does TheInstantPods work?

Order hassle-free AirPod replacements from us today! It doesn't matter if you lost one or have a bad one. Replace just one bud, the charging case, or both buds! Our replacement is refurbished only with genuine parts by certified experts. Their reliability and performance is equivalent to brand new products. 

What model should I order?

It's IMPORTANT that you know what model of AirPods to purchase. If you purchased an incorrect model, they won't match and won't work together. Click Here to identify your AirPods model.

Is your AirPods genuine and authentic?

Yes! We only carry genuine & authentic AirPods replacements, and they only work with  genuine AirPods.  It's actually impossible to pair a fake one with an original one, so please ensure yours is real before purchasing a replacement from us.

How do I use the new replacement AirPod?

PLEASE NOTE: A RESET is required before you can use the new replacement. 

Follow this instruction to reset your device: Click Here

How do I know that my AirPods has a faulty battery?

If you feel the battery is not as long-lasting as it was before, you battery is possibly worn out

Warranty policy of the refurbished replacement?

We are confident with our refurbished replacements, and we cover it for 90 days, excludes accidental damages and unauthorized modifications.

What if I am not happy with my replacement?

Please reach out to us and we will try our best to fulfill your request. Click here to contact us.